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Here are some of the pictures and videos on how we execute our meditation classes, Workshops & Training’s. 

Picture Gallery     – Video Gallery


Sound Healing Training Gallery 1Sound Healing Training Gallery 2



Satyam Shivam Sundaram Students Videos Testimonials & Meditation Techniques Videos By Shiva Girish   

Dedicated Seekars Yoga Meditation Teacher & Alternative who visit our website from all over the world who interested to join our meditation Retreats & Training. Can Give to Taste & Understanding About Our Workshops

Here Is Modern Science Research & Facts About Human Breath Cycle

1. Adults – 12 to 20 breaths/minute.
2. 10 years – 15 to 20 breaths/minute.
3. 6 years – 18 to 25 breaths/minute.
4. 3 years – 20 to 30 breaths/minute.

Simple Yoga Meditation Technique Learn How To To Build Concentration, Discipline, Self-Control & Willpower In Life



Yoga Meditation Teachers, Alternative Healers Learn How To Bring Students Group To Heart Centre So They Are Open To Receive


Students Testimonials From Workhop & Training

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