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1 Day Workshop – Primordial Sound Healing Meditation Workshop In Mumbai, Pune, Goa India
Discover A Proven, Powerful Ancient Indian Primordial Sound Meditation Techniques To Awaken Body, Mind Heart & Spirit

“Mantra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “man” – the mind and “tra” a medium or an instrument for the thought. In this Intensive We Use Aum, So Hum, Name Mantra, Chakra Bija Mantra & Sound Humming. Some Of These Traditional Sound Based Mantra Meditation Techniques Comes From Kashmir Shaivism – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Given By Lord Shiva & Traditional Primordial Sound Meditation Of Hinduism.

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Sound Healing Meditations:

• Instant relief from stress and anxiety.
• Improved concentration with enhanced creativity.
• Improved vision which cans physical, mental and spiritual.
• Balancing right & left brain hemisphere.
• Instant energy increased.
• It is the best instrument to control an agitated mind by reducing the thoughts arising out of worries and anxiety.

Healing Through Primordial Sound Meditation Techniques

Primordial Sound Meditation is a proven ancient Indian healing practice that’s based on the power of vibration. When we allow mantras or sounds in our body to resonate in our awareness, They have a instant effect that is harmonizing for the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

Following Are The List Meditations Covered In Workshop:

Aum Mantra Meditation

Chakra Vowel Sound Meditation
Bija Mantra Meditation
Chakra Dance Meditation
Humming Sound Meditation
Name Mantra Meditation
Mind To No Mind Gibberish Meditation

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