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Give Yourself The Gift Of Wellness Through
Anger, Stress, Anxiety & Depression Reduction – Mindfulness & Relaxation – Meditation Wellness Programs For Any Group Or In Institutions In India

 A Customize Meditation Wellness program designed exclusively for  Businessmen, House Wife’s Or Retired Officers Or Members Of Certain Club Or Institutions In India.

Sataym Shivam Sundaram’s Health and Wellness Programs and resources are a customize package which can be designed as per any age & requirement of specific group. It can be a very social Health Wellness Program, which involved active dance, varies breathing techniques, sound based meditations, stress relief techniques, connecting with the heart, emotional release and so on. The course of study provides participants with access to activities to exercise to better balance the weight of life’s troubles.

This type of Heath, Wellness Programs are best suited for an institution like

  • The Rotary Club, Boat Club, Lion’s Club.
  • Dentist or Doctors.
  • Women’s Group.
  • Insurance agents, Pharmacist, MBA Students, IIT Students Group. 
  • Group members of any religious group or intuition.
  • Businessmen, House wife’s Or Retired Officers.

Our wellness programs can help any group with physical & mental benefits.

Our solution encompasses an array of our programs and can be accommodated to any group, from those just beginning to get a health strategy to those with a mature strategy already in space.

Our signature meditation and yoga retreat invites you to step aside from your everyday life and plunge yourself in practices that will leave you feeling regenerated and ready to re-ignite your spirit. Each retreat is led by Shiva Girish and special invitees

Our stress reduction – mindfulness & relaxation – meditation wellness programs uses following practices like:

  • Hatha Yoga / Tantra Yoga kriyas.
  • Pranayamas / Seven Chakra Psychic Tantra Breathing.
  • Passive Meditation Techniques.
  • Active Meditation Techniques.
  • Swara / Kundlini Yoga Kriyas.
  • Meditation Techniques From Kashmir Shaivism – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.
  • Buddhist Meditation Techniques

We Can Arrange 1 / 2  or 5 Days Intensive Workshops Anywhere In India or in any other country.

 How Many Hours & How Many Sessions We Do Each Day ?

Normally Workshop Consist 4 to 6 Hours Per Day (90 Minutes Break) 2 or 3 Sessions Depending On Group Requirement

This Meditations Workshops Suits Beginners As Well ?

Yes Beginners & Advance Yoga Meditation Practitioners Along With People From All Ages Can Do This Workshop.

Can We Arrange This Workshop In Our Institution?

Yes According To Dates & Availability Of Present Schedule We Can Arrange Workshop. Minimum 7 to 10 Days Time Needed To Book Before Dates?  Minimum No Of People In Group 15.

Can You Create Customize Wellness Program Based On Requirement Of  The Company At There Own Place ?

Yes We Can Create Customize Wellness Program Based On Requirement Of People.

  • Dates & Time & Location Need To Be Confirmed Least 1 week Before The Event.
  • Price For Each Class Are Flexible Still It Varies Depending On Dates / Time / No Sessions / No Of Participants And Location In India.
  • Travel Expenses Like Air Ticket / Pick-up Drop In From Airport & Accommodation Must Be Provided Company Side.
  • Depending On Schedule For Religious Institution Gathering / Non Profit Institutions  & Children Education We Can Come & Give Workshop For Free In That Inviting Institution Should Bare Travel Expenses.  
  • To Get Clear Communication Please Send Details About Above Mentioned Points So We Can Respond Accordingly.
  • For More Details Mail Us At

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