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The Complete Beginners’ Guide On How To Heal Chakras –
A Step by Step Simplified Practical Guide for Definitive Source of Energy Center Wisdom for Holistic Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution.

Seven Wheels Of Life Ebook By Shiva Girish
The book “The Complete Beginners’ Guide On How To Heal Chakras” is written by Shiva Girish, a chakra healing meditation master. This book is a simplified easy step by step practical beginners’ guide – to learn and understand what chakra- seven bodies are. It tells you why you should you learn and understand Chakra Healing based on ancient Vedic science and how it is related to your life and can you get immediate benefits for integrating body, mind, heart and soul.

Have you always been intrigued by how to heal and balance your Chakras?

Do you think you need a dosage of positivity in your life, your relationships?

Do you need help with financial troubles?

Do you feel it’s time to learn to open your heart, accept and forgive yourself for having gratitude towards life and people around you?

Do you want to know if your chakras and closed or open and why does it need healing?

Are you interested in Chakra balancing, energy healing, mental healing and emotional healing?

Still wondering why you should learn & understand Chakra Healing Therapy? Well, because

Your Root Chakra influences your career and money mindset. It deals with survival issues and blocked by fears.

Your Sacral Chakra influences your sensuality and emotions life. It deals with pleasure and blocked by guilt.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra deals with willpower, and it’s blocked by shades disappointment.

Your Heart Chakra influences your relationships. Deals with trust & love and its blocked by Grief. Similarly, your Throat Chakra influences your self-expression. Deals with truth and blocked by lies.

This book will teach you exactly

What are seven chakra–seven bodies?

What is chakra healing Therapy?

Why should you understand and learn about chakra healing?

What are benefits of chakra healing with relation Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual health?

Find out which chakra in open or closed and how to heal chakras?

How to raise your energy vibrations and create a strong and resilient energy-field around you?

How to practice mudras for balancing each chakra?

How to practice Chakra Sound Meditation – (A powerful chakra vowel sound meditation technique that use sounds to open and to balance 7 chakras)

How to practice Chakra Dance Meditation – (A dynamic active dance meditation based on body awareness on seven shakras)

How to practice Chakra Bija Mantra Meditation – (the transformative powerful chakra energy healing & purification meditation)

What makes this book is unique and different from many other Chakra books? Well, the author, Shiva Girish is a meditation master who has worked with thousands of students from all over the world giving chakra healing therapy workshop and trainings.

So are you ready and the chakras can be your gateway! Take Action Right Away and Start to Heal And balance Yourself with – The Complete Beginners’ Guide On How To Heal Chakras!! Download your copy today!!

What’s Inside This Book

  • Traditional Name – Chakra Location – Chakra Colour – Related Glands – Related Planet.
  • Detailed Fact & Characteristic’s About Each Chakra.
  • Chakra Sound & Chakra Bija Mantra Names.
  • When Chakra is Open / When Chakra Is Closed.
  • Mudras For Balancing Each Chakra.
  • Chakra Sound Meditation – (A Powerful Chakra Vowel Sound Meditation Technique That Use Sounds To Open And To Balance 7 chakras)
  • Chakra Dance Meditation – (A Dynamic Active Dance Meditation Based on Body Awareness on Seven Chakras)
  • Traditional Chakra Bija Mantra Meditation – (The Transformative Powerful Chakra Healing & Purification Meditation Technique That Use Sounds To Open And To Balance 7 chakras)



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