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Exclusive Stress Management – Corporate Wellness programs -Workshops & Seminars In Mumbai, Pune  India With Shiva Girish
Healthier Staff, Healthier Workplace
Employee Wellness Programs – Wellness Solutions For Corporates, Brands, Retail & IT Companies In India

India is one of the prime destinations of people seeking mental and physical wellness. At the same, India offers one the best scientifically proven tools & therapies like traditional hatha yoga, pranayamas breathing, Ayurveda, naturopathy, active – passive meditations techniques. These types of tools have immense capacity for stress reduction, employee motivation, better overall health and wellness – into their work.

Satyam Shivam Sundram offers wellness concepts focused on the basic needs of an individual within the need hierarchy, namely a focus on stress release, mental health, body fitness & relaxation.

We offer various wellness programs for corporate sector in India, custom formed to fit an employer’s goals and the demands of each workplace like Corporate Wellness Management Programs / Corporate Fitness Programs or Employee Wellness Solutions.

Our wellness programs and services are planned to promote healthier lifestyle behaviors in your employees and bring down your health care spending by preventing illness and trauma, raising wellness and productivity.

The goals of Our Corporate Wellness Programs are as follows:

  • Overall improvement in health, leading to a healthier employee both at work and at home.
  • Exercise induced positivity pervades into all the spheres of the employee’s life.

 Satyam Shivam Sundaram can help companies to develop a comprehensive approach to health and wellness offering many benefits.


  • Feeling good or having a good wellness quotient is indicative of better performance at work.
  • Meditation Techniques & exercise has a positive influence on the feeling of employees’ wellness.
  • Exercise increases energy levels, thereby performance at work and motivation of employees.
  • Healthy and positive employees provide a healthy and competitive environment at work, thereby ensuring superior performance.
  • Improved physical fitness.
  • Increased stamina & lower levels of stress.
  • Increased mental and physical well-being, self-image and self-esteem.


  • Improvement in employee’s mental and physical capacity.
  • Improvement in the employee’s self esteem.
  • Increased physical activity and fitness resulting in a happier state of mind for the employees.
  • Overall improvement in health, leading to a healthier employee both at work and at home.
  • Meditation techniques & exercise induced positivity into all the spheres of the employee’s life.
  • Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees.
  • Reduced health care costs & Increased productivity.
  • Improved employee relations and morale.

Do not wait for productivity to fall low. You can enroll and book a schedule of our customize Corporate Wellness Programs as per requirement for your company’s Staff and Managerial Team.

Customize Meditation Workshop Or Seminar According To Any Age Group & requirement With Shiva Girish

We Can Arrange 1 / 2  or 5 Days Intensive Workshops Anywhere In India or in any other country.

How Many Hours & How Many Sessions We Do Each Day ?

Normally Workshop Consist 4 to 6 Hours Per Day (90 Minutes Break) 2 or 3 Sessions Depending On Group Requirement

This Meditations Workshops Suits Beginners As Well ?

Yes Beginners & Advance Yoga Meditation Practitioners Along With People From All Ages Can Do This Workshop.

Can We Arrange This Workshop In Our Institution?

Yes According To Dates & Availability Of Present Schedule We Can Arrange Workshop. Minimum 7 to 10 Days Time Needed To Book Before Dates?  Minimum No Of People In Group 15.

Can You Create Customize Workshop Based On Requirement Of People In Our Institution?

Yes We Can Create Customize Workshop Based On Requirement Of People.

  • Dates & Time & Location Need To Be Confirmed Least 1 week Before The Event.
  • Price For Each Class Are Flexible Still It Varies Depending On Dates / Time / No Sessions / No Of Participants And Location In India.
  • Travel Expenses Like Air Ticket / Pick-up Drop In From Airport & Accommodation Must Be Provided Company Side.
  • To Get Clear Communication Please Send Details About Above Mentioned Points So We Can Respond Accordingly.
  • For More Details Mail Us At

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