Ecstatic Dance DJ Facilitator Training Goa India

Ecstatic Dance DJ Facilitator Training Goa India

Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation School With Samaveda International Sound Healing Academy – Offers  6 Days Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Goa, India

Are you ready to take your DJ skills to the next level and become a master of ecstatic dance music? Our training program is designed for DJs of all levels who want to learn how to create and play music that will inspire movement and connection on the dance floor.

Our instructors are experienced DJs and ecstatic dance facilitators who have years of experience in the industry. They will guide you through the process of learning how to create and play music that will move your audience and help them to connect with themselves, each other, and the music.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your DJing to the next level and become a sought-after ecstatic dance DJ. Sign up for our training program today and start your journey to becoming a master of ecstatic dance music.

Who Can Join 5 Days Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Arambol Beach, Goa India

Our training program is designed for DJs of all levels, from beginners to experienced DJs looking to expand their skills and knowledge in the field of ecstatic dance music.

  • This Training is suited for everybody (both beginners or experienced DJs) interested in Conscious/Ecstatic Dance, (movement), space holding, ceremony, community, social change and embodiment practices.
  • Or If you have already experienced holding small or large groups through transformational experiences, you want to add beautiful musical journeys.
  • Are you a Dancer? Do you Love to Dance or see People Dancing?
  • You learn for a booming alternative dance and music scene in your community, and YOU want to be part of creating some beautiful energy.

What all covered in 5 Days Ecstatic Dance DJ Training In Arambol Beach, Goa India

  • Comprehensive lessons on the history and principles of ecstatic dance and how to create music that will enhance the experience.
  • Learn How to create & structural beautiful Ecstatic dance sets & all kinds of Ecstatic Dance Dj & Facilitator styles to provide a fulfilling experience for the participants on Master Traktor Dj.
  • Hands-on training on the technical aspects of DJing, including beatmatching, mixing, and using effects to create a seamless and dynamic flow
  • Access to a curated library of ecstatic dance music and guidance on how to find and incorporate new tracks into your sets
  • How to use your Dj controller.
  • Learn about the core principles of Ecstatic Dance, how to facilitate the Dance, how to create a fun, safe place for participants, how to find music, and how to organize that music.
  • How to lead the warm-up and closing circles differently and get plenty of exercises.
  • Learn how to set music on the laptop, especially to create Ecstatic dance sets.
  • Learn how to create dynamic variety in music mixing.
  • Learn How to create and hold sacred space.
  • Learn methods and genres to explore and become an inspiring DJ.
  • Learn the heart and the art of DJing so you can decide which skills to develop as a DJ. Our Training starts by listening, rooting ourselves in their story and understanding the various phases of the journey.
  •  You will discover various styles and types of music and their effect on the dancing body. We will dive into the practicalities and skills to create your own set, mix and improvise during a set – while listening to your crowd. 
  • Learn how to mix harmonically and use effects, loops, cueing, and creatively for the Ecstatic Dance wave and Cacao Ceremonies.
  • Learn How to market and brand yourself for success Plus, how to find gigs, market and brand yourself and create your tribe.

What Key Important Questions Related Dj Mixing Be Answered
During Ecstatic Dance DJ Training :

  1. What is the history and principles of ecstatic dance music?
  2. Why All DJs Should Know What Ecstatic Dance Is”
  3. What Is The Flow Of Ecstatic Dance?
  4. What kind of music is played at Ecstatic Dance?
  5. What are the Stages of Ecstatic Dance?
  6. How to Open Ecstatic Dance Event with Yoga Meditation & Sound Healing?
  7. What Type Opening exercises, Breathing Techniques, mantra Sound Healing practice Dance with Done with Prepare group for Deep Meditative Transforming Ecstatic Dance Experience? 
  8. How do I create music that will enhance the ecstatic dance experience?
  9. What are the technical aspects of DJing that I need to know?
  10. How do I use effects and create a seamless and dynamic flow in my sets?
  11. How can I develop my unique style and voice as a DJ & How can I find and incorporate new tracks into my sets?
  12. What kind of music can I learn to mix on a DJ controller?
  13. What equipment do I need to get started & What software is best for learning to DJ?
  14. What types of effects do DJs use?
  15. What is the best way to practice DJing?
  16. What techniques should I use to improve my DJing skills?
  17. How do I create a unique sound when DJing?
  18. What is harmonic mixing & What are the benefits of harmonic mixing?
  19. How does harmonic mixing work? & How can I use harmonic mixing to improve my mixes?
  20. What is the difference between harmonic mixing and key mixing?
  21. What are the most important tips for harmonic mixing & What are some common mistakes to avoid when harmonic mixing?
  22. How can I create interesting harmonic transitions between tracks? And More


What Is Ecstatic Dance DJ Training?

This Training is for a music Lover who longs for the opportunity to DJ,

creating your unique style of the Ecstatic Dance journey. Ecstatic dance Dj & Facilitator training is a 5-day training weaving into a musical experience for Ecstatic and Mindful Dance. Everything will be covered which is needed for Ecstatic Dance, which you can share with others in your style from a place of service, playfulness and love!

Learning to create the Dance journey by mixing, transitioning, and selecting different genres is in service of the Dance. Creating a dance journey is not just about placing tracks one after the other; it is about helping the dancers arrive in their bodies, lifting them over the threshold and into a deep surrender. It also supports them in finding their feet again and moving back into their daily lives.

In Ecstatic Dance sessions, there are dance techniques or movement classes. They aim to provide a space of non-verbal communication and FREEDOM where you can be yourself and express your being through Dance and MOVEMENT. Music is a kaleidoscope of varied rhythms; it makes us float together in a sea of sensations as individuals of a large family. Ecstatic Dance is an international movement that aims to create COMMUNITY through Dance.

What Are Different Types of DJ Mixing Techniques:

  • Beatmatching: the process of matching the beats of two tracks in order to create a seamless transition between them
  • EQing: the use of equalization to balance and enhance the frequencies of a track
  • Loop Mixing: repeating a section of a track to create a loop, which can be used to create a new layer of sound.
  • Scratching: the use of turntable techniques to manipulate the sound of a track.
  • Sampling: the use of short clips or samples from one or more tracks in a new track.
  • Live Remixing: the use of software or hardware to manipulate and remix tracks in real-time during a performance.
  • Harmonic Mixing: matching the keys of two tracks to create a harmonious transition between them.


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