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Simple Easy Meditation Techniques Online With Shiva Girish

Simple Easy Yoga Meditation Techniques Online With Shiva Girish

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How our Breathe cycle Is related with stress, anger, anxiety and depression and whats is solution

Test Your per Minute Breathing Cycle

Option no 1: Here you need to breathe naturally. 1 in & out breath is equals 1 breath cycle. Now, count your in & out breaths for 60 seconds with a stop watch. How many cycles you get is your natural breath cycle. Begin timing with an in breath.

Option no 2: Do same as above this time after meditation.

My Research Feedback with More Than 250 People from Different Countries & Ages.

I have done this technique with groups from 10 to 30 + people in meditation hall many times. I keep getting amazing mind blowing feedback which is some people report 5 breath cycles per minutes, some 10 breath cycles per minutes, some between 15 to 20 breath cycles per minutes, some 22 to 27 breath cycles per minutes.

Here Is Modern Science Research & Facts About Human Breath Cycle

1. Adults – 12 to 20 breaths/minute.
2. 10 years – 15 to 20 breaths/minute.
3. 6 years – 18 to 25 breaths/minute.
4. 3 years – 20 to 30 breaths/minute.
5. 6 months – 25 to 40 breaths/minute.
6. Below 6 weeks – 30 to 60 breaths/minute.


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