Online 100 Hours & 200 Hours Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program At Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation & Sound healing School India

Join the Internationally acclaimed certified Mindfulness – Active- Passive – Chakra therapy Meditation teacher training from your home.

  • Online 100 Hours Meditation Teacher Training: (Including Seven Chakra Healing Therapy + Yoganidra Master Teacher Training)
  • 200 Hours Online Mindfulness Meditation Coach + Advanced Meditation Therapist Training:
    (Including Master Breathwork Master + Shiva Consciousness + Heartfulness + Sufi Meditation Master Training)

online meditation therapy teacher training

Become an inspiring, trusted and effective teacher or mentor trained to teach scientifically proven, time-tested and Active Passive meditation Techniques,  Heart Chakra Healing Meditations, Happiness Bliss Mindfulness Meditations,  Seven Chakra Healing Therapy, and Expressive Dance Movements Therapy with Satyam Shivam Sundaram led By Shiva Girish & Dev Om (modern New Age meditation Masters from India)

Experience A Deeper Inner State of Meditation | Become Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Learn to Design & Hold Your Own Meditation Workshops & Sessions | Work with all age groups, | Work with corporate / groups and kids

200 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Rishikesh India With Shiva Girish

  • Learn How To Design 1 day or 2 days meditation workshop Or seminar?
  • Learn How To Design 1 day  mindfulness Yoga Nidra Meditation workshop Or seminar?
  • Learn How to design a combined workshop with Yoga Asanas, Pranamaya, mindfulness meditation, Passive Meditation, Active Dynamic Meditation, Meditation of Happiness, Bliss with other Healing modalities.
  • Learn How to lead sessions to balance mind to create stillness, stability, and harmony between mind body actions?
  • Learn How to understand what are the core desires of group to be part of meditation workshops.
  • Learn how to balance theory part, Actual practice, closing time for the session.
  • Learn How to Lead session with making your goal, intention, and objective clear what you want to achieve from meditation?

Why should you join this Online 100 Hours – 200 Hours Meditation Teacher training Program?   

  • Teaching meditation dramatically increases energy level and makes you strong in body and spirit. 
  • You are looking forward to transforming your life through meditation.
  • You are eager to learn from experienced teachers and fellow students as well as share your wisdom and insights for the benefit of all Creation.
  • You are prepared to commit wholeheartedly to the practice and Training program for 10 days.
  • You have a serious interest in practising meditation and Yoga and feel a strong inclination towards sharing your experience with other spiritual seekers. Some people discover their passion for teaching and spreading peace message only after completing the Teacher Training program.
  • You are ready for transforming and challenging experience and are determined to dedicate 100% of your efforts to self-growth and helping others.
  • You are willing work hard and earn the title of Meditation Teacher with courage, honesty and integrity even at the face of your own fear.
  • You are interested in taking control over your body, mind and life and consider empowering other people through sharing your experience, love and knowledge as your future career.

Overview of 100 Hours Online Meditation Teacher Training Program: 

  • Intensive weekly schedule with 1 day off a week includes meditation theory and practice.
  • Daily practice of various passive and active meditation techniques.
  • A detailed study of different meditation traditions, which will help to understand the development of meditation techniques over centuries.
  • Detailed and in-depth instructions on active and passive meditation techniques.
  • Meditation techniques taught during each course vary according to the groups’ interests and available teachers.
  • The course program includes instructions on Pranayama (breathing techniques), targeting the understanding of the link between breath, body, mind and emotions.
  • The course presents an opportunity to become a part of a very special spiritual community and start life-long friendships rooted in the shared experience of learning, sharing and growing during the 9 days of the program.


After completing 100 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Program, you will gain:

  • A certificate of completion that acknowledges your commitment, skill, and qualification to teach transformative mindfulness and meditation sessions and workshops.
  • Skills necessary to teach different meditation techniques to various audiences.
  • Knowledge and experience in guiding group and private meditation sessions.
  • A deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and a chance to change the direction of your life.
  • Experience of different meditation techniques and understanding of their application.
  • Personal well-being, clarity, positive attitude and peace of mind.
  • Meant to silence the mind and achieve serenity through meditation.
  • Discovery of self-confidence, inner creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • An understanding of the fundamental principles of meditation practices popular with Eastern and Western practitioners.
  • Understanding of the effects of various meditation techniques on mental, emotional and physical states, which will help you to approach your students individually, guiding them towards overall wellbeing and happiness.

Reiki Healing Meditation Training In School Rishikesh India

The Purpose:

Online 100 Hours Meditation Teacher Training: (Including Seven Chakra Healing Therapy + Yoganidra Master Teacher Training)

  • The purpose of this online training is to make you capable to design, develop and hold your own two to three day’s meditation retreat, one/two day’s meditation workshop, 2-4 hours meditation sessions, and corporate meditation training and workshops.
  • This training will develop a deeper level of understanding about meditation, meditative energies, and different meditation techniques.
  • This program also works as an effective tool for your own self-discovery.
  • During the program, students discover their own light and uncover the hidden master in them.

200 Hours Online Mindfulness Meditation Coach + Advanced Meditation Therapist Training:
(Including Master Breathwork Master + Shiva Consciousness + Heartfulness + Sufi Meditation Master Training)

  • You can design, develop and hold intensive 5 or 7 days Meditation retreats, Mindfulness retreats, Emotional Wellness retreats, and Chakra Therapy retreats.
  • It will prepare you to work as a personal Mindfulness coach and Meditation therapist.
  • It will give you the required insight to experiment with meditative energies and to develop your own meditations.
  • It covers Compassionate Communication and other effective tools of emotional healing and developing Compassion.
  • It includes Breathwork Master training and Path of Love meditation therapy.
  • It Includes higher meditations from ancient tradition for a deeper connection with your own consciousness and rapid growth in inner energies.

Reiki Healing Meditation Training In School Rishikesh India

Meditation Script – You will get the varies session scripts of all the meditations you will learn during the training along with the music.

Meditation Master’s Music Library – you will get your Meditation Master’s music library, which includes all kind of music ranging from guided meditation music, active meditation music, passive meditation music,  dance music, kirtan music, space creation music, and other all kind of required music to hold a workshop and training.

Meditation Sessions Video Recordings – You will get the recordings of all the classes of the training. This will help you to revisit any subject, makes your proper notes, revise and the entire course + have a ready reference for your life

Different Workshop Designs – and then you will get the actual design for several workshops and retreats based on different scenarios – like a program for corporates, a program for children, a program for women circle, a program for general people, a program for emotional wellness, a program for self-love and self-healing, a chakra workshop design and so on.

Authentic and Heartful Teachings – from the renowned meditation masters.

Complete Process – A complete practice, learning, teaching, being inspired by everyone in the group and share your inspiration in return.

  • Online 100 Hours Meditation Training Course course fee: € 499
  • if you have any questions feel free to message us on Whatsapp +917888206883
  • Limited Seat Available – Write us E-mail to find seat availability  –
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