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Learn Simple Easy Meditation Techniques How To Open & Balance Your Ajna Third Eye Chakra

Simple Easy Practical Meditation Techniques Guide Learn How To Open & Balance Your Ajna Third Eye Chakra By Shiva Girish Modern Chakra Therapy Meditation Master Sixth Chakra – (Third Eye Chakra) (Traditional Name: Ajna Chakra) Third Eye. Traditional Name: Ajna Chakra. Layer: The "Third Eye" is the celestial. Colour: Indigo. Element: Light. Location:...

Rajaji National Park & Tiger Reserve

Rajaji National Park & Tiger Reserve, Rishikesh Next to vanprastha ashram swarg ashram Just 10 minutes walking distance from Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation Centre is beginning of  Rajaji National Park & Tiger Reserve. Around 50 plus different species of mammals including the endangered Asian Elephant and...

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