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Kabbalah for Mindfulness and Meditation

Kabbalah for Mindfulness and Meditation

Kabbalah is a set of teachings combining the spiritual with the physical. While not a religion, it draws on Judaism and other religious practices. Kabbalah emerged in southern Europe in the 12th to the 13th centuries. Like most organized schools of thought, it is open to many interpretations. Many of the world’s religions incorporate aspects of Kabbalah in their own teachings.

About The Zohar

Kabbalistic thought is based on the Zohar. The Zohar comments on the metaphysical aspects of the Torah, the texts on which Judaism was founded. The Zohar is comprised of both an elaboration on the Torah and additional texts addressing mysticism and mystical aspects of psychology and cosmogony, or the study of the universe.

A Spiritual Journey

Kabbalistic practices include meditation, chants and songs to enhance and deepen the experience. At the center of this school of thought with origins in the Medieval era is the Tree of Life. The tree contains 10 spheres, called the sephirot. The spheres take adherents on a journey through components of their beings, from the physical to the highest self. Breath, light, sound and visualization help Kabbalists reach a higher realm, using ancient, mystical wisdom as a guide.

Applying Kabbalah to Everyday Life

These practices and teachings come together to provide context for practitioners’ relationship to the universe and its many levels. Kabbalistic meditation helps bring about calm, clarity and illumination for many. Often, Kabbalistic thought allows for more balanced emotions. Another result of enthusiastic participation is a strong connection to the spiritual core.

Worldwide Popularity of Kabbalah

Kabbalah has devoted followers around the world. Kabbalist thought has evolved throughout the centuries, and organizations have sprung up to support its continued longevity. Meditation enables practicing kabbalists to grasp the more abstract aspects of the Zohar and apply them to daily life. Technological advances make Kabbalah more accessible for all types of people in even the most remote locations. Another reason for Kabbalah’s steady popularity is the fact that it can be practiced by people with varying spiritual leanings or religious beliefs.

Kabbalah Centre International

Coming together with like-minded people to practice kabbalist meditation is essential to the strengthening of its life-enhancing properties for many. The Kabbalah Centre International, located in Los Angeles, California, offers a wide variety of ways to “learn, transform, and connect” — the components the Centre considers vital to understanding Kabbalah. Online and in-person study groups, lectures and courses are offered, and students may offer their help through organized volunteer opportunities at the Centre. These activities are conducted through the Charitable Causes initiative, and its efforts have benefited Sunrise Day Camp, Partners in Health and American Red Cross.


Kabbalah Centres Around the World

Kabbalah Centres exist in and other parts of the world as well. Israel hosts three locations, and centres can be found in several U.S., European, Central American and South American cities. The non-profit facilities also produce books and articles to strengthen understanding of Kabbalah.


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