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What are the Cautions & Warnings while giving Individual sound healing session?

For Sound Healers What are the Cautions & Warnings while giving Individual sound healing session?
Article By : Shiva Girish

in present world there are so many so called sound healer who don’t have proper professional sound healing training with understanding about human body related issues & diseases. on top they get excited and try to do work with all kinds of people without having any consequences which client can face due to power of vibrational sound healing with contact of human body.   

below is the guidelines with some key points following this can help sound healers on there path.

  1. make sure you do not use sound healing instruments on the body during pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks.
  2. If some one have epilepsy, don’t do Individual sound healing session, ask your clients to consult with doctor.
    to ensure that he or she has right anti-epileptic medication and are in no danger of seizure from sound vibrations.
  3. Don’t do contact method healing and put singing bowls around cheat or back side of implanted heart pacemaker, stent or shunt.
  4. Do not use singing bowls on In acute inflammations and tumors.
  5. Do not use singing bowls on any thick vein thrombosis in the leg or open wounds.
  6. In case of client with carotid atherosclerosis avoid the area around the neck.
  7. Do not use singing bowls on with client who just whent through Post-surgery before the sutures removed and the scar not fully closed & healed.
  8. Don’t do to session on People with DBS (a deep brain stimulation device).
  9. Don’t to session on clients with directly on inflamed joints and veins.
  10. Don’t to session on clients with the case of inflammatory skin disorders.
  11. Don’t to session on clients with client with case of other inflammatory processes associated with fever.
  12. Don’t to session on clients with *Scar treatment, Polyneuropathy,Hemiparesis, Rehabilitation after neurological diseases,
  13. Don’t to session on clients with client with suffering severe depressions and anxiety or people on
    medication to ease these conditions.

Self Responsibility – Caution & Understanding for Sound Healers

Some times before even you start the sessions you might sense that this session can be profound for client based on your discussion about what your client has come to receive this session and what he or she like to heal, based on if they ask to pay more attention on specific part of body, Some times Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound healing sessions can or might bring out suppressed emotions, past traumatic experiences, feelings of guilt, sadness, etc. This is a part of the transformational process. in this case you tell the client that some times these sessions can bring unwanted repressed emotions out so possible that you might feels some past stories emotions come surface to be released, this is why we call is Sound Healing Sessions.

  1. after session clients might start to cry and that’s completely normal.
  2. after session clients might want to be silent or had some past event memory or even past life realization come during session, this can happen even to a non believer even in first session, as a sound healer you sense and with your sharing speaking you can explain what them possible out come after session what people feel, this can make your client more comfortable they can express more freely.
  3. Its always better to ask client to share what happening now, ask them what you feel, what did you released, some times body decides to release some thing or emotional which more important to release today, so client receive & heal what they what but that was needed.  
  4. Some times client might feel specific body part shaking this is sign of trauma release, dont worry about it.
  5. Body preparation or Heart Opening Sound Healing meditation few minutes before session is highly suggested which can help After sessions experience to be comfortable in case you feel your client is very emotional.


  1. The Tibetan Singing Bowls can take you to a deep state of relaxation and serenity.
  2. The bowls can change the energy of the surrounding environment and ourselves. It is an essential tool for space and aura cleansing.
  3. The sound and the vibration of the bowl has a de-stressing effect on the body. The body releases endorphins and overcomes addiction, pain, fatigue and such issues.
  4. The Tibetan Singing Bowls produces sound to a frequency that reaches the deepest levels of our physical body and subconscious mind. It helps to reach the root cause of our problems and heal them.
  5. The bowls unite the body, mind and soul.
  6. The deep resonances of the bowls are capable of improving the circulation of blood in our bodies. When the beat of the heart matches the rhythmic flow of the bowls, it can slow down and lower blood pressure.
  7. Tibetan Singing Bowls emit sound that bring a sense of calm in our being. They can thus improve the quality of sleep or cure insomnia.
  8. The bowls are also well accepted by the body and the mind, making it a very effective tool for therapy.
  9. The changes in the endocrine system due to the sound and vibrations of the bowls, can bring out a person from anxiety and depression.
  10. The profound essence of the bowls help to maintain a balance between pain and pleasure.
  11.  The Singing bowls improve our decision making skills, our hold on knowledge, our logic and reasoning
  12. The bowls also enhance our creativity, imagination and intuition.
  13. The Tibetan Singing bowls are ideal for meditation, since one can use the sounds and vibrations emitting from the bowls to focus and concentrate.
  14.  The sound create a profound space for self introspection and self-awareness.


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