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Online Skype Spiritual Guidance Sessions – Seven Chakra Healing Therapy Session
Meditation Sound Healing Session
With Shiva Girish Modern New Age Meditation Master
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You want some thing in life which you don’t know how to get or you think its impossible for you to get it at present in life ? or you done lot of different types of meditation practice & still you think something is missing to find the taste of inner peace, freedom, love, fulfillment & wholeness within you.

Then yes Shiva Girish can guide you with proper steps by having online Spiritual Guidance Sessions.

Sessions mainly consists Spiritual Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance or Mentoring-Supporting men or women on there path, To embrace and value their inner journey, have the passion and courage to go deeper and develop huge changes to reach higher states of awareness, live in present movement, enjoy life, have peace of mind and be thankful to Life!!

Those who takes spiritual guidance sessions are normally searching for one of the following:

  • People who want learn how to open heart chakra to manifest more love, self-acceptance, forgiveness and compassion in life.

  • People are ready to be in love with Partner but don’t know the way.

  • people who want practice meditation but don’t know which techniques to be practice to get certain state (Example – be more relax, have peace of mind in present movement, stress anger or anxiety release, to respond to situations rather then reacting.)

  • Get clarity on certain desire, question or situation of life. understand what’s stopping or holding on.  

  • They need to be free of a particular unwanted sentiment in their life like fear, hurt, shame, anxiety, depression, sadness, guilt and anger.

  • They need to stop feeling unworthy, unfulfilled, lacking or only a sense of something missing.

  • They need assistance making options from their intuition or heart.

  • You wish to live with freedom, wholeness, peace and love. Meaning you do not just needs to have experienced peace, but you have to live and remain in that area of peace.


  • 3 Hours Guidance  (2 Sessions Of 90 Minutes Each) 200 $ USD.

  • 6 Hours Guidance  (90 minutes or 2 Hours Per Session) 400 $ USD.

  • 10 Hours Guidance (90 minutes or 2 Hours Per Session) 600 $ USD.

Important Remark: 

  • As per need of the person some we so give them manual with certain meditation techniques to practice with support one on one Skype Guidance Sessions.
  • .First Write us mail to check availability for sessions time/date + what expect of life you like to work on Apply For Availability

For international participants Session Payment Can Be Done Through Paypal.


  • Confirmation Fee 150 Euros Payment Option By Paypal –
  • To Set Date And Time Please Mail Us At


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