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Free E-Book Available For Download

A Simple Practical Meditation Guide For Beginners
7 Easy Yoga Meditation Techniques To Learn How to Relieve Stress, Anger, Anxiety and Depression, Find Inner Peace, Contentment and Happiness In Day To Day Life

E-Book By: Shiva Girish Modern Yoga Meditation Master


A Simple Practical Yoga Meditation Guide For Beginners Ebook


“A Simple Practical Meditation Guide for Beginners” This Book is Written By Shiva Girish Meditation Master it’s a collection of varied Yoga Meditation Techniques that have been practiced for centuries in some of the oldest spiritual traditions. It provides you ways to learn how to relieve Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Depression and Find Inner Peace, Contentment, and Happiness In Day to Day Life.

This E-book by Shiva Girish will teach you exactly:
  • How & Why to Meditate?
  • The first thing is to know is What Meditation Is?
  • How to make your goal, intention, and objective clear in what you want to achieve from meditation?
  • You will Learn Mindfulness Meditation Techniques for Daily Relaxation & Greater Self-Awareness
  • You will learn how to establish the correct mindset for Meditation and how to Calm Your Mind through this easy meditation practice.
  • How to prepare for effective Meditation and overcome all the common distractions and obstacles towards Meditation.
  • How to Meditate effectively by understanding & applying the key attitudes of Meditation for deeper practice.
  • The difference between meditation and concentration.
  • The difference between active and passive meditation.
  • How to choose the right meditation practice for you.
  • What are the benefits of meditation for the body, Mind,
    and Soul?
  • What are Common obstacles to meditation and how you can overcome it?
  • How can you prepare yourself for meditation?
  • What Is Prana (Breath)?
  • How to practice simple common sitting Asanas

    And much more. Discover the answers inside the pages of this book. Wake up your inner master – a healer – Take Action Right Away – start to heal, cure and transform your life – Download Your Copy TODAY! A Simple Practical Meditation Guide For Beginners

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