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Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation Training Centre Offers Yoga Meditation Retreats – Sound Healing Trainings & Meditation Teacher Training Certification Programs In Mcleod Ganj Dharamsala Himachal Pradesh, India

About – DHARAMSHALA – Himachal Pradesh

Dharamshala is a combination of two words “Dharma” which means religion and “Shala” which means an institution. So, Dharamshala means a religious institution, and that’s exactly what it is. Home of Dalai Lama and a traditional rest place for pilgrims since the older times, Dharamshala is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and serene places in India.
Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala was established as a cantonment area during the British era. It came on the world map when Indian government gave shelter to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in exile in the year 1959. It has been the home of Dalai Lama since then and has a well-established Tibetan community.

A heaven for backpackers and students of Buddhism, Dharamshala provides all sorts of activities and places to make anyone fall in love with this place. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, pleasant weather all year round, spiritual vibes, Buddhist chants echoing in the valley, the food, the culture; everything feels positive and surreal. It’s a whole world in itself. An almost-perfect one at that!

Dharamshala is more than just a weekend getaway. The true essence of this place lies in its people and to be able to experience that one must spend some time here and absorb the positive energy and vibes of the place.

Dharamshala is divided into two parts: Upper Dharamshala and Lower Dharamshala.


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Know More Information About – DHARAMSHALA – Himachal Pradesh


Lower Dharamshala: It is just a typical small Indian town with government buildings and hospitals. It has the main bus station and doesn’t have much to offer to tourists.

Upper Dharamshala
, more commonly known as Mcleod Ganj is where you need to be headed towards as soon as you are in Dharamshala. It is the centre of Buddhist and Tibetan culture, and this is where the home of Dalai Lama is located. Just to be clear, mostly every blog and article on the Internet about Dharamshala refers to Mcleod Ganj.
Now, above Mcleod Ganj, there are a few villages, which are of main places of interests for most of the tourists. Two of them are called Bhagsu and Dharamkot.

, located on the north-east of the Mcleod Ganj is very tiny town mainly consisting of shops and temples. There is a public pool built and maintained by the locals and is constantly fed with the spring water flowing right next to it. It is further divided into Lower and Upper Bhagsu. It is a home of many Yoga, Meditation and Massage centers which offer all kinds of classes and certified courses.


Dharamkot, also divided into Upper and Lower Dharamkot is a small hippie town famous for its chilled vibes and relaxed atmosphere. Consisting mainly of hotels and restaurants, Dharamkot attracts musicians and backpackers from all over the world who come and stay here for a long time; some even for weeks or months. Surrounded by Pine and Rhododendron trees, Dharamkot is also a famous trekking destination.


How To Reach Mcleod Ganj:

By Air: The nearest airport is 15 km from the Mcleod Ganj in a town called Gaggal near Kangra. It’s called Gaggal Airport. There are regular flights from New Delhi.

By Bus: Bus is the most preferred way of travel for most of the tourists as it has a regular connectivity with other parts of Northern India. You have a choice to go with either Local or Private bus service. The bus journeys are often slow as the roads are narrow and with lots of curves.

Most of the local buses drop you at the bus station in Lower Dharamshala and from there you can take either a shared or a private taxi to Mcleod Ganj which is around 10 km away from there. Shared taxis cost around 15 Rupees, and they move only when they are full. Private taxis cost around 150 Rupees which you can share with other people.

For those coming from Delhi, there are overnight private tourist buses which depart from Majnu Ka Tilla in Delhi. They cost between 700 and 1200 depending on the type of the bus. They have non-AC, AC and Volvo buses. Make sure you get the right bus for the price you paid. They all depart at around 6 pm and arrive next morning at around 7 am to Mcleod Ganj bus terminal.

You can also take government buses from the main bus station in New Delhi which is called as Kashmere Gate. They are often not very comfortable but cost a little less than the private buses.


Train: The nearest main train station is Pathankot which is a comfortable overnight journey from Delhi. From Pathankot train station, you can take a bus to Dharamshala. The bus station station is just across the street from the railway station. The bus journey takes 4-5 hours and costs around 120 Rupees. It will drop you at lower Dharamshala bus station and from there you can take a taxi, as mentioned above to Mcleod Ganj.


Climate Conditions In Mcleod Ganj


Mcleod Ganj, located at 1750 m altitude is cooler throughout the year than the plains below. November to January is the coldest time of the year when the temperature can go as low as below freezing point while in June-July, it can go as high a 38°C. Dharamshala being one the most rained regions in India receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season which is from July to September. Although, being in the mountains, the weather of Dharamshala varies a lot and is highly unpredictable. It receives frequent showers and can get pretty cold even in the month of March.

Bhagsu and Dharamkot receive snowfall during the months of December and January.

For those seeking various courses like Yoga, Meditation, Massage, etc., Bhagsu should be on the top of your list.


How To Reach Bhagsu

As mentioned earlier, Bhagsu is a small village located four km above Mcleod Ganj in the Northeast direction. You can either walk or get a taxi/tuk-tuk from Mcleodganj Main Square or bus station. It costs around 150 Rupees.


Things To Do In Bhagsu nag – Near Mcleod Ganj Dharamsala


Bhagsunag Fall: Bhagsu has many waterfalls, a huge temple complex, a public swimming pool and a freshwater spring. You can easily hike to the waterfalls from the temple which is around 15-minute long walk. It has a great view, and you can go for a dip in any of the many natural pools formed around the falls. You can see monks hanging out around the spring, doing their laundry, chatting, etc.


Trekking: Although there are various little hikes in the mountains around Bhagsu there is one particular hike, which attracts hundreds of tourists every year. It’s called the Triund Trek. A 4-hour long walk from Bhagsu to the top of the mountain takes you through some breathtaking views of the valley. A moderate-level hike doesn’t require any special hiking gears. You can easily make it a day trip if you are in a hurry. Or better, if you have time, stay at the top for a night as you can easily rent a tent along with a sleeping bag and blankets from the cafes built at the top.

It gets pretty cold at Triund, especially during the night. So bring warm clothes and take proper care of yourself from the cold.


Music Concerts: Bhagsu attracts hundreds of musicians from all over the world who come to share and learn the art of music with fellow travellers. During the high season, there are music concerts and events at various cafes and restaurants. In one small Himalayan village, you can enjoy music from all over the world: Indian folk, Turkish, Reggae, and Rock. You name it.


Shopping: Bhagsu has a small market full of shops selling all kinds of stuff like clothes, jewellery, artefacts, accessories, leather bags, etc.


Meeting The Dalai Lama: Every once a while, when Dalai Lama is in town, he makes a public appearance which is open to everybody. Prior registration is required a few days before the event as the Dalai Lama Temple in Mcleod Ganj. The only problem is that there is no fixed date of his arrival and these public appearances. So, one has to be very lucky to be able to have this privilege of meeting His Holiness.


Cooking Classes: There are many cooking schools all over Bhagsu. Either ask around or check each school personally to find out the one, which is best suitable for you.


Learn Yoga And Meditation: There are courses available for yoga, meditation, Reiki and all sorts of other recreational activities. Bhagsu, being in the mountains and having pleasant weather for more time of the year, makes an ideal location to practice such activities. It offers a peace of mind while you are breathing fresh air and eating healthy food. Our Meditation center offers courses, which include accommodation and meals during the entire duration of the course. You are provided with a positive atmosphere, healthy food and an experience of yogic lifestyle at the center.


Tushita Meditation Centre offers a 10-day introduction to meditation course which includes the introduction to Buddhism mainly. There is also a shorter 5-day course available at the centre. Though most of the meditation sessions are silent, there are general discussion sessions held every day so students can discuss their feelings and thoughts in the presence of a teacher. It mostly deals with Buddhist philosophy and its implementation in day-to-day life. It is located in Dharamkot and practices the Tibetan Mahayana tradition. Those who are interested in the course can register online on their website. Here you will find the latest prices and other requirements for the course. The prices are inclusive of lessons, lodging and meals. Meals are offered three times a day, which is all simple, vegetarian food.

For those who are not sure about committing themselves for whole ten days, there are daily drop-in classes available.


Dhamma Sikhara, also commonly known as Vipassana Centre offers a 10-day meditation course. Located in Dharamkot, the centre is one of the best places in the world to practice Vipassana. People from all over the world try to get a place here. Hence, prior registration is required to get any confirmation from the centre which can be done online at their website:

Vipassana technique of meditation requires ten days of complete silence during the course. Even a simple eye contact with others is strictly prohibited. The course is free, but you can make a donation at their website after you are done with your course. You are provided with three meals a day along with accommodation. The Vipassana technique is fairly intense, as it requires around 14 hours of meditation per day. You don’t need any prior experience with meditation. Vipassana basically means “seeing things as they are”.


Volunteering: There are some really good volunteering opportunities around Dharamshala. You may either contact organizations like Lha Social Work or Tibet World Centre and register yourself for both short-term and long-term opportunities. You may approach Tibetans in social places and help them improve their English. It is also a great chance to learn about their culture and history and yours as well. Try to avoid giving any private lessons as it might encourage some people to take personal advantages from you as a tourist. Although such incidences are rare as Tibetans are mostly very friendly people. Try to contact some recognized institute in case you are interested in doing that.


In general, monks and local people take it as a huge favor from you helping them improve their English, and they open up as soon as they are comfortable around you. Tibetans have some fascinating stories about Tibet and the life there. So you might want to consider spending time with them.


What to Eat in Dharamshala


Mcleod Ganj has some amazing places for eating. There is an abundance of Tibetan, Indian and Western Restaurants all over the town suitable for all sorts of budgets. Most of them don’t offer WiFI and alcohol is available is only a few of them. So, better ask before you order anything. The good thing about McLeod Ganj is that everything you order is freshly prepared at most of the restaurants. So, although, it takes a little longer for your order to arrive at least you get everything freshly cooked.


Tibetan Cuisine:

Being mostly a Tibetan community, Dharamshala is a great place to try Tibetan cuisine. Here are a few dishes you might want to try while you are there:

  • Momos – Dumplings stuffed with either meat or vegetables. You can either have them steamed or fried.
  • Thukpa – A thin noodle soup with vegetables and/or meat. This is very good in cold weather.
  • Thenthuk – Similar to Thukpa except the noodles are handmade which are thick and square-shaped.
  • Tingmo – Steamed bread.
  • Pocha – Tea with salt, butter and some Tibetan herbs and spices.


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