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Mudras Of Tantra & Yoga The Ultimate Techniques For Self Healing

A Comprehensive Guide To The Hand Gestures For Inner Healing And Spiritual Growth

 By: Shiva Girish

 Mudras (What Is Mudras)

“Mudra” in Sanskrit means “closure” or seal. Some of the Indian religion and Taoism claims that mudras are spiritual gestures as well as a seal of authenticity. They are generally the gestures made by hands and fingers that can change and influence the flow of energy in the human body. Mudras are also performed during hindu rituals like pujas, as a symbolic expression to praise the deity. Mudras are otherwise called as hand yoga. Mudras are also referred in Vedas.  They can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Hands of human being play a vital role in controlling the health and well being of the body and mind as they have a direct relation with the five cosmic elements.  Anyone can perform mudras anytime anywhere unless mentioned specifically. There are no such specific directions or postures to be performed or practiced to practice mudras.  It is not necessary to have belief in any kind of philosophy or therapy to practice mudras. It is believed that Buddha knew about these mudras and used to depict during the rituals in Buddhism. In the ancient martial arts Kung Fu too, there are certain practices and positions similar these mudras. Even in tantric yoga, there is reference for 108 mudras.


Yoga mudra and five vital elements
According to the yogic science, five cosmic elements constitute the human body and mind. They are called as “Pancha Tatwas” in Sanskrit. Five fingers of the hand represent the five ether elements of nature.

  • Little finger represents water
  • Ring finger is for earth
  • Middle finger for the ether
  • Index finger for air
  • Thumb denotes fire.

Flow of fire (agni, meaning heat) tatva in the body is regulated by thumb. Fourth finger controls the vayu (air) tatwa. The akasha (sky) tatwa, representing the mind, is regulated by the middle fingers. The index and ring finger controls and regulates the earth (prithvi) and water (jala) tatwas. It is possible to balance our nature and the mental quality by balancing these elements.  Thus, folding and positioning of fingers of both hands become the yoga mudras or gestures. This is how the pancha tatwas or vital elements are related with the body.

Why Practice Of Mudras?

These gestures or mudras were formulated by ancient sages and seers of India. They were discovered to maintain the health and order in the human body by balancing the pancha tatwas that regulate bodily functions.  It is possible to keep the body healthy by curing several disturbances, by practicing certain gestures by folding hands, fingers in a certain way at certain points.

These yoga mudras are:


  • They have the power to change the mental as well as spiritual aspects of the person.
  • Practicing different type of mudras is believed to be good for the physical and mental health.
  • Powerful to rectify or cure certain illnesses, diseases, etc.
  • The imbalance of certain elements in the body is balanced with the help of these mudras.
  • Regular practice of mudras helps to maintain vigor and radiance throughout the day.
  • All the bodily disorders and imbalance of the nervous systems can be cured with the help of yoga mudras.
  • Harmonious relationship of these elements can be accomplished with the help of practicing mudras.
  • These mudras are mentioned in naturopathy, ayurveda, herbal medicines, panchakarma, healing, aroma therapy, etc. All these treatments use mudras for the balance of health, elements and well being of body and mind.


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