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Satori Spiritual Awakening Through Self Love
( A Way Of Life, A Path Of Personal Growth For Integrating Body, Mind, Heart And Soul. A Sacred Journey Into Consciousness Through Seven Chakra-Energy Centers In Human Beings)

5 Days Intensive Spiritual Meditation Retreat – transformatice spiritual healing course in india

Tantra is for everyone who has an interest to explore the real purpose of life and activate the hidden sources of vital energy. In Tantra a man and a woman can meet each other through a divine journey of rising upwards from Root Chakra to Crown Chakra. It is the union between the two polarities of the Masculine and the Feminine sides of the universe. On Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual levels.

The wonderful thing about Tantra is that a man and a woman can heal themselves and move forward on their spiritual path together. If they learn to open a sacred space of meditation for each other, they will gain tremendous strength from mutual support. In Tantra practices even if there are only men or only women present, they can still support each other as brothers and sisters by meeting in the space of Love and Heart. In that space they can meet as God (Shiva) and Goddess (Shakti), and along this way come to realize their divine origin.
Love is what we really are and unless we rediscover our reality of love, something will always hurt deep in the soul. The true nature of the soul is love and consciousness.

Shiva Girish(Modern New Age Tantra & Meditation Master) invites everyone to start a journey to yourself. The journey home from who you believe you are to who you truly are. Going on this inner journey alone is often very hard, painful and very confusing.  That is why some fellow travelers, brothers and sisters, can be of great help.

In this Intensive Shiva Girish offers mainly Tantra Chakra meditation techniques based on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Osho Chakra Tantra, Advaita Vedanta, Dance Movement Therapy, Breathwork And Active Osho Meditation Techniques. The base of practice in the Intensive revolves around opening and balancing seven chakras, releasing and healing emotional blockages.

About Adviata Vedanda Sessions During Intensive To Bring Clarity In Life:

Many people In Russia keep asking themselves questions about life and are desperate for the answers. Below are a few of them that will be covered during Adviata Vedanda Sessions of the Intensive.

  1. How To Do You Love & Except Your Self? If Not How To Love & Except Your Self? 
  2. Do You Want To Be Loved & Have Family? It Yes, What Stops You? 
  3. What Is Your Passion & What Do You Want in Life & How To Find It? 
  4. Get Clarity About What Stops You From Fulfilling Your Desires & Wishes. 
  5. How To Love & Except Your Body & Mind The Way You Are? 

Short List Healing Benefits People Experience During Intensive:

  • Feeling a strong bond with the family as well as with friends that you consider to be your family.
  • An arising sense of deep connection when you become friendly to any situation with hopeful and confident attitude towards the future.
  • Becoming imaginative, intuitive and attuned to your own feelings and discovering a great sense of humor.
  • Help in totally accepting and loving yourself way you are.
  • Tantra practices during the Intensive help to achieve the highest states of consciousness for highest spiritual experiences.
  • Becoming more open to pleasure, sensation and creativity in Life.
  • Opening the Heart and connecting with others by compassionate attitude, affection and unconditional love.
  • Discovering a harmonious resonance with your own inner masculine / inner feminine.
  • Becoming more self-aware and understanding true reasons stopping you from getting what you want.
  • Understanding the importance of relationship with oneself, releasing limitations of self-esteem and self-image.
  • Becoming free from shame and guilt.

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