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Here Is A Short List Of Shiva Girish’s Few Workshops – Training’s – Seminars & Festivals Conducted In Year 2015

1 Day Active Meditation Workshop – January 2015 – Location Goa

One Day Meditation Intensive

1 Day Intensive Tantra On Life Meditation With Seven Chakras – January 2015 – Location Goa

1 Day Intensive Tantra Life Meditation With Seven Chakras

 Amavasya New Moon Meditation (A Journey From Untruth To Truth) January 2015 – Location Goa

 Goa Love Festival 06 to 08 February 2015

Love Festival GOa 2015

March 2014 Full Moon Dance Meditation Location Goa

 Full Moon Dance Meditation March 2015 Goa

Full Moon Meditation With Live Music Concert Guest Musician Avi Adir

Full Moon Live Music Concert

Vedanta Festival May 10th Till May 14th 2015 – Location Dharamshala


Vedanta Festival May Day 2 11th May Location: Dharamshala


Way To Yourself Festival 17,18,19 July in ETNOMIR, Near Mosocw.


Free Spirit Yoga Festival 25th & 26th July 2015 – Moscow

Free Spirit Yoga Festival 2015





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