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Online Course Learn How To Accept Yourself, Love Your And Forgive Yourself

A Simplified Step By Step Guide Practical Complete Beginners Guide How To Heal To Awaken Self Love – Compassion – Gratitude And Forgiveness Towards Yourself & Others BY Opening & Balance Anahata Heart Chakra.


How to Heal & Balance

A Simplified Step By Step Guide Practical To Awaken Self Love – Compassion – Gratitude And Forgiveness towards yourself & others

Everything in our universe has radiating energy, from the biggest mountain to ocean, to the smallest blade of grass, to each individual cell in our body. All of our cells release energy in different ways, and different cells will release different kinds of energy depending on where they are located within the body and what their work is. It should come as no surprise, then, that given the specialized nature of your body’s energy, there are several different channels located on key points of the body through which energy can flow in and out in a constant stream. These are called the chakras.

The objective of Heart Chakra:

  • Compassionate attitude
  • Heartfelt love and affection
  • A forgiving attitude
  • Acceptance of one’s own masculine and feminine emotions
  • Self-approval
  • Feels gratitude for everything

More Characteristics of the Heart Chakra:

  • In the heart, the true attitude of selfless love starts.
  • This chakra is positioned in between the three upper and lower chakras.
  • When the heart chakra is open, giving and receiving happens automatically and naturally.
  • This chakra converts the imagination to determination.
  • One has to have a selfless heart in order to develop true compassion and love.
  • When the heart chakra is open, one starts accepting others despite their faults.
  • When the heart chakra is open there is no feeling of guilt and relationships are harmonious.
  • When the heart chakra is open one becomes committed in their duties and responsibilities.
  • When the heart chakra opens there is gratitude towards others, one wants to start helping and serving others without expecting anything in return.
  • When the heart chakra is open, we start recognizing others from the heart without any kind of deception.
  • Once the energy reaches this level, both the feminine and masculine qualities of the mind are properly understood.


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