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Below is the list of few meditation workshops retreats offered by Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Satori Spiritual Awakening Through Self Love. – 5 Days Meditation Retreat In Rishikesh, Goa India

A Way Of Life, A Path Of Personal Growth For Integrating Body, Mind, Heart And Soul. A Sacred Journey Into Consciousness Through Seven Chakra-Energy Centers In Human Beings) For Information


Relationship Workshop – Art Of Relating With Yourself

(Here is your chance to get clarity about Love relationship, career job financial freedom or to know your passion in life, This Intensive is based on Active Meditation, opening heart chakra and direct Zen counseling & self Inquiry techniques to deeper into the Root of the question or issue to see what’s stops you to get what you want in life. Important point you don’t get any advice in workshop) More Information


Stress Management – Corporate Wellness programs -Workshops & Seminars In Mumbai, Pune India Healthier Staff, Healthier Workplace – Employee Wellness Programs – Wellness Solutions For Corporates, Brands, Retail & IT Companies In India More Information

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