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Self Worth, Money & Spirituality
1 Day Workshop Based On Ancient Hindu Vedas Techniques Of Adviata Vedanta

Is Your Lack of Self-esteem Affecting Your Salary Or Business Plans ?
Do Self-esteem And Salary Have A Positive Correlation?
Do You Know How Low Self-Esteem Could Be Keeping You From Paying Off Your Debts?
Are You Still Interested In Trying To Change Things Or Surface Or Be Ready Work On Root?
Do You Want To Know What’s True Meaning Of Money At Your Being Level You Are Having At Present?

(Here is your chance to get clarity about Love relationship, career job financial freedom or to know your passion in life, This Intensive is based on Active Meditation, opening heart chakra and direct Zen counseling & self Inquiry techniques to deeper into the Root of the question or issue to see what’s stops you to get what you want in life. Important point you don’t get any advice in workshop)

Few benefits of this workshop

  • You become more self-aware & understand true reasons which were stopping you to earn more money in life.
  • You get to see which ideas, ethics or desired were conflicting related money or financial freedom.
  • You will gain clarity and self-control.
  • You resolve Self-esteem issue which is your opinion of yourself to Self Compassion.

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