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Rajaji National Park & Tiger Reserve

Rajaji National Park & Tiger Reserve, Rishikesh

Next to vanprastha ashram swarg ashram Just 10 minutes walking distance from Satyam Shivam Sundaram Meditation Centre is beginning of  Rajaji National Park & Tiger Reserve.

Rajaji National Park & Tiger Reserve, Rishikesh Neaxt to swarag ashram

Around 50 plus different species of mammals including the endangered Asian Elephant and Tiger found in the Rajaji Tiger Reserve. Himalayan Black bear,tiger, leopard,  sloth bear, Civet, Jackal, Hyena Marten, and many other animals are part ofthe reserve. approximately that there are more than 365 Asian elephants in the Rajaji Tiger Park.

Rajaji Tiger Reserve is very Famous for Asian Elephant and Tigers