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Online Meditation Course For Beginners

A Simple Easy Step By Step Practical Beginner’s Guide To Learn And Yoga Meditation Techniques To Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Bring Inner Peace, Emotional Well-Being & Mental Clarity.


This Online Meditation Course For Beginners will teach you exactly

  • How & why to Meditate?

  • Reasons why you should meditate?

  • The First Thing Is To Know What Meditation Is?

  • How to Make your goal, intention, and objective clear what you want to achieve from meditation?

  • The history of meditation?

  • The difference between meditation and concentration?

  • The difference between active and passive meditation?

  • How to choose the right meditation practice for you?

  • What are benefits of meditation for the body and mind?

  • How meditation & healing works?

  • What are Common obstacles to meditation and who you can overcome it?

  • How can you prepare yourself for meditation?

  • Learn and understand how can you to practice meditation in daily life?

  • What Is Prana (Breathe)?

  • What Is Ida and Pingala Nadi, and Sushumna Nadi?

  • What are seven chakra and bodies?

  • Why should you understand and learn about chakra healing therapy?

  • Find out which chakra in open or closed and how to heal chakras?

  • What is Mantras?

  • How to practice simple common sitting Asanas? And much more…

Discover your answers inside the pages of this book. Wake up your inner master a healer – Take Action Right Away – start to heal, cure and transform your life

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